Cheshire Valley Irish Red

Aroma:  A dry roast aroma with some caramel malt notes..

Appearance: Ruby red, white-colored head with good head retention.

Flavour: : Moderate caramel malt flavor that finishes with a taste of roasted grain, which lends a characteristic dryness to the finish.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is medium-light to medium body. Moderately low carbonation.

Overall Impression: An easy drinking pint with a complex and flavourful roasty character.

Vital Statistics: OG:  12.3  P

IBUs:  21 FG: 2 P

SRM: 15 ABV: 5%

Check availability at:  C’est What, beerbistro, Bar Volo, Casbah, The Only Cafe, The Dominion on Queen, The Burger Bar, The Rhino, Bryden’s, The Monk’s Kettle, The Rebel House, The Brain, Tequila Bookworm, Woolwich Arms, and Gambrinus Bistro.

All orders and deliveries are being done by Black Oak Brewery on behalf of Cheshire Valley.

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    Updated March 13, 2018

    Robust Porter is back!

    Our Robust Porter is chocolaty with hints of coffee and caramel. It's an opaque black, and designed to keep you warm on cold winter nights. The beer finishes slightly sweet but doesn't sit heavy on the palate with hoppy or roasty bitterness. Hops are Northern Brewer, but this beer is all about the malts. About 20% of this beer is made up of dark malts (Chocolate Malt, Black Patent Malt). Chocolate malt brings flavours of coffee and dark chocolate, as well as an understated dark fruit flavour. Black Patent malt contributes to the inky blackness of the robust porter without any of the roasty bitterness of roast barley. Pairs well with BBQ and sweet desserts.